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Tom Cochrane Hasn't Let Lockdown Lock Down His Song-Writing

Tom Cochrane Hasn’t Let Lockdown Lock Down His Songwriting

As 2019 Came To A Close, It Was A Year Tom Cochrane Had Already Performed A String Of Shows To Tens Of Thousands Of People, And Released Two Albums (Revisited, And Bare). But, like with everything else in this mad, mad world, in just a few months things changed dramatically.

Cochrane loves playing smaller Canadian towns

Cochrane Loves Playing Smaller Canadian Towns

Medicine Hat is one of Tom Cochrane’s favourite communities in Alberta and he loves the local golf. “I played a tournament there,” he said, referring to the 2015 Canadian senior men’s championship.

Tom Cochrane’s Big League To Raise Money for Humboldt Broncos

Tom Cochrane’s Big League To Raise Money for Humboldt Broncos

Tom Cochrane has released a reworked take of his song “Big League” and will donate the proceeds to those affected by the Humboldt Broncos bus crash nearly two weeks ago.

The Juno Award−winning singer and songwriter played an acoustic version of the song to open the April 10 broadcast of TSN’s NHL playoff preview special. A video clip of the performance began to circulate online shortly afterwards.

Songs For Humboldt

Songs For Humboldt

Tom Cochrane has released a reworked version of his song Big League and will donate all proceeds to a fund created to support those affected by the April 6th crash in Saskatchewan involving the Humboldt Broncos Team Bus.

Anthem Of Healing - Tom Cochrane Article

Anthem Of Healing

Tom Cochrane’s Big League was written more than 30 years ago, but this week many Canadians have found it painfully resonant in the wake of the Humboldt Broncos’ bus crash. The song written from the perspective of a father whose son was a hockey player

Life Is Still A Highway - Tom Cochrane

Life Is Still A Highway For Tom Cochrane

Over the course of his career, Canadian artist Tom Cochrane has released 17 albums, toured the world and won an armload of Juno Awards (Canada’s version of the Grammys). The respected singer-songwriter, as he nears retirement age, is not interested in slowing down any time soon.

King Of The Road - Tom Cochrane Article

King Of The Road

More than 25 years after the runaway success of Life is a Highway, Tom Cochrane is still trying to unpack how it forever changed his career. Topping the Canadian charts for six weeks, the furiously optimistic single burst onto radio in 1991.

EMI Donates Huge Archive To U of C - Tom Cochrane Article

EMI Donates Huge Archive To U of C

If you have been hanging around the University of Calgary much these last few months, you’ve probably heard many vague, curious yet excited references to the “Milky Way” by library Staff and wondered what was up.

Inspiring The Masses

REGINA — Canadian music icon Tom Cochrane left an indelible impression in February performing at Casino Regina — the sold out show was so good that mere months later the venue has him coming back for another performance tonight.

Cochrane Takes A Personal Journey Home

Cochrane Takes A Personal Journey Home

Tom Cochrane knew that it was time to get to work on a new album. The 61-year-old Canadian music icon unveiled Take It Home on Feb. 10, his first album of new material since No Stranger was released in 2006.

Tom Cochrane On Harmonica Solos And Not Being Anxious For Attention

TORONTO — The twangy wheeze of the harmonica may not grace radios much these days, but Tom Cochrane remains a fan.

The 61-year-old’s signature hit “Life is a Highway” featured not one but two separate harmonica solos, totalling roughly 35 seconds of the song’s runtime.

Life Pulls Into Town - Tom Cochrane Article

Life Pulls Into Town

Twenty years ago, when Tom Cochrane came to a small Alberta town to shoot a video, one resident started dreaming big. It was the summer of 91. My friends and I had just graduated from high school.

Life Is A Speedway - Tom Cochrane Article

Life Is A Speedway

The return of large scale music events to Western Speedway after a 71-year absence is a big plus. And the prospect of an outdoor audience upwards of 4,000 gathered before an assembly of both local and national rock acts?

Cochrane No Stranger

Cochrane No Stranger To Fame

At this point in his 55 years, Tom Cochrane has been anthologized, covered, recorded a live album, received Juno Awards, is recognized for his humanitarian efforts…

Pit Stops On Life's Highway

Pit Stops On Life’s Highway

If as the title of his most famous song suggests, Life is a Highway, then somewhere along the way Tom Cochrane must have exceeded the speed limit to have travelled so far.

Life Still A Highway For Tom

Life Still A Highway For Tom

In 1993, To Cochrane was given an award celebrating Life is a Highway as one of the three most-played songs on U.S. radio that year. A decade and a half on, the song is still getting spins.