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Life Is A Speedway - Tom Cochrane Article

Life Is A Speedway

The return of large scale music events to Western Speedway after a 71-year absence is a big plus. And the prospect of an outdoor audience upwards of 4,000 gathered before an assembly of both local and national rock acts?

Cochrane No Stranger

Cochrane No Stranger To Fame

At this point in his 55 years, Tom Cochrane has been anthologized, covered, recorded a live album, received Juno Awards, is recognized for his humanitarian efforts…

Pit Stops On Life's Highway

Pit Stops On Life’s Highway

If as the title of his most famous song suggests, Life is a Highway, then somewhere along the way Tom Cochrane must have exceeded the speed limit to have travelled so far.

Life Still A Highway For Tom

Life Still A Highway For Tom

In 1993, To Cochrane was given an award celebrating Life is a Highway as one of the three most-played songs on U.S. radio that year. A decade and a half on, the song is still getting spins.

Cochrane Still Enjoys Life On Highway

Cochrane Still Enjoys Life On Highway

Tom Cochrane’s in a good place these days. His first album in six years, No Stranger, was released last October, and he’s fresh off a year in which 1991 anthemic Life is a Highway enjoyed a second run…

Cochrane Fond Of The Underdog

Cochrane Fond Of The Underdog

When Tom Cochrane performs his ode to courage, Rough and Tumble, on Monday night, there might not be a dry eye in the Winspear. In his linear notes to his latest album, 2006’s No Stranger…

30 Years And Still White Hot

On the evening of November 30, 2006, the day I got to meet and interview Tom Cochrane about his brand new album ‘No Stranger’, was the same night CJAY 92 was holding their 7th Annual Charity Rock Auction at Outlaws Niteclub.

Cochrane's catalyst

Cochrane’s Catalyst

When Tom Cochrane sings Life is a Highway, he does so with the recognition of life’s many potholes and myriad of detours. The argument could even be made that ol’ Tom took a wrong turn at some point. How else do you explain an eight-year gap between recordings?

Cochrane excited by new label

Cochrane Excited By New Label

Tom Cochrane’s first album in eight years, “No Stranger,” and first for Universal Music Canada, debuted on the Canadian retail charts at No. 25 with first-week sales of just over 3000,
according to Nielsen SoundScan Canada. This week, it scanned just over 1400 copies.

Still Rough Around The Edges

Still Rough Around The Edges

Tom Cochrane ‘s in a good place. His first album in six years. No Stranger, is out today. He’s fresh from a summer in which his 1991 anthemic hit, Life is a Highway, was enjoying its second run in the Top 10 chart,at the hands of Rascal Flatts in the movie Cars.

No Stranger - Tom Cochrane

No Stranger

If Tom Cochrane’s life really is a highway, he’s been at a rest stop for most of a decade. But he — and we — can thank Sam Roberts for getting him back in the driver’s seat. According to Cochrane, new CanRock king Roberts urged him to record again…

No Stranger - Tom Cochrane

No Stranger

A comeback is only a comeback if you’ve actually gone away. So don’t refer to Tom Cochrane’s No Stranger, his first album of new material since 1998, as his comeback album. “It’s that old cliche,” Cochrane said yesterday, chatting with reporters about the new disc, due in stores next Tuesday.

Highway takes on life of its own - Tom Cochrane

Highway Takes On Life Of Its Own

Life is a highway, and Tom Cochrane’s best-known and most oft-played song has been riding it since it appeared on 1991’s Mad Mad World.

Cochrane reunites with Red Rider pal

Cochrane Reunites With Red Rider Pal

On his new release “No Stranger,” Tom Cochrane again explores the human condition from a third person narrative, but does it more intimately thanks to a reconciliation with an old friend.

Cobblestones Magazine 2005

Tom Cochrane Using Fame & Influence For Good

When Tom Cochrane saw the horrific images of the tsunami that sent nine-metre walls of water crashing throughout southeast Asia, he knew he had to do something.

Cochrane Busy With Many Causes

Cochrane Busy With Many Causes

Tom Cochrane would have had a new CD out if it weren’t for one thing – he’s been busy most nights riding life’s highway. While this 50-something Juno Awards Hall-of-Famer, who’s similarly known for his philanthropic work…

Tom Cochrane Always Aims To Be The Best

Tom Cochrane Always Aims To Be The Best

There aren’t many pursuits Tom Cochrane approaches half-heartedly. No matter the task at hand – be it songwriting (which he is famous for), golf (which he is very good at) or flying a plane.

Cochrane Knocks 'EM Dead At Festival

Cochrane Knocks ‘Em Dead At Festival

Tom Cochrane was just getting into a punchy version of his hit sing Big League when a wave of excitement began to ripple through the crowd at the Tulip Festival.

The Untouchable One - Tom Cochrane

The Untouchable One

Before his solo success made Tom Cochrane an inescapable figure in the early 1990s, before Life Is a Highway was an omnipresence sung by schoolkids and corporate suits alike, there was Red Rider.

Cochrane Reflects

Cochrane Reflects

The solo hit Life Is a Highway earned Tom Cochrane his greatest success, but the veteran Canadian singer found his signature sound with his 1980s band, Red Rider. Cochrane talks to The Gazette…