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Cochrane Continues Life On The Highway - Tom Cochrane Article

Cochrane Continues Life On The Highway

Tom Cochrane will perform at Winter Fest 2002, the first concert in the Vernon multiplex. Out along the Huron on the rocky shores of Ontario’s Georgian Bay, one of Canada’s veteran recording artists and songwriters is working in his newly built studio.

Ragged Glory Tom Cochrane Article

Ragged Glory

If Performer Tom Cochrane ever wanted to change professions, he’d be fielding offers for a range of jobs. The 48-year-old Cochrane arguably could do it all. And in many ways, he has.

Those Hazy Summer Days

Those Hazy Summer Days

To experience the great outdoors and rub shoulders with a cross-section, of humanity, it’s hard to beat a summer music festival. With more than 7,000 people at the B.C. Children’s Hospital benefit concert at O’Keefe Ranch Saturday, there was a sampling of both.
It all started so, well, clean.

Tom Cochrane Proves He Is Still A Rocker

Tom Cochrane Proves He Is Still A Rocker

If anyone thought Tom Cochrane has lost his appeal, Friday’s show at the Stampede proved them wrong. Even at 45, Cochrane is still a poster boy for the unpretentious Canadian rock, and he pulled the biggest crowd

A Sides Tom Cochrane

A Sides: Tom Cochrane

Jane L. Thompson talks to the singer — and poetry-loving pilot — about plane crashes and politics. You’ve had a flying accident. How long have you had your pilot’s licence? I’ve been flying on and off since I was a kid with my dad,

Cochrane Sensational But Fund-Raiser Fizzles

Cochrane Sensational But Fund-Raiser Fizzles

As a concert, this year’s Tech Rocks with Tom Cochrane was a hit. But as a fund-raiser, it needs work. There were lots of empty seats on Thursday evening in the WordPerfect Theatre of the Corel Centre, a scaled- down stadium configuration that seats up to 5,000.

Rock Solid

Rock Solid

Tom Cochrane’s highway of life includes an off-ramp to the Corel Centre tonight.
Cochrane has been one of the pillars of Canadian rock since his days with Red Rider when they were releasing now-classic tunes like Lunatic Fringe, Bey Inside the Man and 1988’s Big League

Your Passport Please

Your Passport Please: Tom Cochrane

Canadian singer Tom Cochrane loves to travel, and even flies his own plane. His latest CD is Xray Sierra. Ethiopia – I really felt there was evil there, and terror. I was there just prior to the Mengistu regime falling in 1990.

Life After 'Life Is A Highway' For Tom Cochrane

Life After ‘Life Is A Highway’ For Tom Cochrane

Sometimes living down success can be as hard as living down failure. Take Canadian misfit rocker Tom Cochrane, for example. Although he has been penning songs and singing in Toronto coffee houses since the 70s, he’s forever cast as the singer who considers life a highway that he can ride all night long.

Flights Of The Imagination

Flights Of The Imagination

Seasoned Canadian rocker Tom Cochrane has the date burned into his ordinarily abstract brain: September 7, 1997. That was the day fate grabbed the controls while he tried to land his Cessna 185 in a Northern Ontario lake.

Cochrane's Doing Great Work

Cochrane’s Doing Great Work

Tom Cochrane is making the best records of his career at a time when records by established solo male artists are struggling to penetrate a chart heavy at the top with soundtracks, hits compilations, boy and girl groups and solo women. Cochrane’s latest, xray sierra, is the most recent example.

1983 Rear Window - Tom Cochrane Article

1983 Rear Window

In early 1983, Toronto rock band Red Rider released its third album Neruda. There was a scurry of activity among the rock ’n’ roll reviewers (including Vancouver magazine’s Les Wiseman, with whom I was working) to obtain biographical information on the “obscure” Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, who won the 1972 Nobel Prize for literature and who died in 1973.

Cochrane Solid Reliable

Cochrane Solid Reliable

He’s no Tommy Lee, but 45-year old Tom Cochrane still made the girls scream as he delivered his own brand of rock ‘n’ roll at the Winspear Centre Monday night. Looking a bit ragged around the edges, Cochrane never less played a solid succession of hits.

Crisis? What Crisis?

Crisis? What Crisis?

Xray gives Tom Cochrane his musical bill of health. Round about September or October, millions of people around the world will start preparing themselves for the potential Y2K bug. They’ll stockpile cases of canned good.

Cochrane's New Tunes

Cochrane’s New Tunes

Canadian rock radio favourite Tom Cochrane has straddled a peculiar fence during his 20 years as a songwriter and performer. Both as a solo act and as a member of Red Rider.

Riding Life's Highway - Tom Cochrane Article

Riding Life’s Highway

Canadian rocker Tom Cochrane believes his new album, xray sierra, contains some of his most honest lyrics ever. The 45-year-old’s new-found forthrightness appears to extend to interviews as well. During a tour stop in Winnipeg, Cochrane talked freely about his marital problems, his early inadequacies as a performer and his hassles with management.

Cochrane's Life Is A Highway

Cochrane’s Life Is A Highway

If there has ever been a song that every human being on this planet could identify with, it might well be “Life Is A Highway.” Tom Cochrane’s most recognizable tune has become a reflection of his own life. And the same is true of his latest album Xray Sierra

Tom Cochrane Article - Cochrane Sings 'Em Like He Sees 'Em

Cochrane Sings ‘Em Like He Sees ‘Em

For Tom Cochrane, the song is first and foremost. Actually, let’s rephrase that – prior to the songs come experiences. Cochrane is a self-described “sonic journalist,” forever observing the world around him…

Tom Cochrane Seeks Out Sonic Journalism

Cochrane Seeks Out Sonic Journalism

Like Cockburn or Springsteen, Tom Cochrane has been able to ignore the trappings of the hit-making/star-creating media machinery and has stayed on course for self-satisfying success.

His Music Takes Snapshots Of Life

His Music Takes Snapshots Of Life

The thing I notice right away about artists is their personalities,” says Tom Cochrane. “That always seems to be the thing that overrides everything else.” What overrides everything else with Cochrane is his sincerity. The power of his convictions has defined the Canadian singer-songwriter’s work for more than two decades

Cochrane Releases His Best CD Ever

Cochrane Releases His Best CD Ever

He’s won his Juno Awards.He’s had songs that have topped the Top 40 charts south of the border.Tom Cochrane is a name synonymous with Canadian rock and yet there’s a part of any real rock ’n’ roller that always remains outside the accolades and the swank hotels, like the Palliser Hotel where Tom is holed up while passing through Calgary

Cochrane Hits His Straightaway

Cochrane Hits His Straightaway

“I call myself a sonic journalist,” said Canadian singer-songwriter Tom Cochrane. “I try to take snapshots of life, and be as honest as I can as a songwriter.” Cochrane was chatting over coffee in a Montreal café as part of a country-wide tour to promote Xray Sierra, his first studio album in three years.

New album awaits U.S. release - Tom Cochrane

New Album Awaits U.S. Release

TORONTO-Despite being a major artist in Canada for 18 years and having significant stateside success previously, Tom Cochrane still lacks a commitment to release his new album, “XRay Sierra,” in the U.S.

Cochrane's back, but is radio ready?

Cochrane’s Back, But Is Radio Ready?

TORONTO-With “XRay Sierra,” his first album of new songs in four years, Tom Cochrane makes the transition from heartland rocker to mature singer/songwriter. But the artist may face an uphill battle at radio, where it’s been six years since his last hit singles.