Single Tracks - Tom Cochrane

Single Tracks

Tracks from Singles

01: Sail On – The Daffodil single from 1976 which featured Klaatu as Tom’s backing band.

02: Lunatic Fringe (Live from Massey Hall 1991) From CD Single “Washed Away”.

03: No Regrets (Live from Colliseum, Red Deer 1991) (From CD Single “Sinking Like A Sunset”.

04: Let The Good Guys Win – Murray McLauchlan, Tom Cochrane & Paul Hyde CD Single

05: Gabriella – The Daffodil single from 1974 (From “My Pleasure Is My Business” O.S.T)

06: Gabriella’s Walking Theme – Side B of Gabriella single (From “My Pleasure Is My Business” O.S.T)

07: Ocean Blue (Emotion Blue) – Live from Ocean Blue 7″ Single.

08: Good Times (Acoustic)

09: No Regrets (Vocal Up) version.

10: Sinking Like A Sunset (Radio Remix)