Canada For Asia Benefit ConcertDate: Wednesday 12th January 2005
Broadcaster: CBC TV & Radio
Venue: Canadian Broadcast Centre, Toronto
Length: 3 hours
Host: Ron MacLean

Performers: Celine Dion, Rush, The Tragically Hip, Mike Myers, Anne Murray, Bryan Adams, Blue Rodeo, Kids In The Hall, Oscar Peterson, Tom Cochrane, Wayne Gretzky, Sloan, Keshia Chante, Daniel Lanois, Barenaked Ladies, Sam Roberts, The Tragically Hip, Don Cherry, WWE Superstars Edge, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and Christian, The Trailer Park Boys, The Designer Guys, Dave Thomas, Megan Follows, Cynthia Dale, Doc Walker, Shaye, Lunch at Allen’s (Murray McLauchlan/Ian Thomas/Cindy Church/Marc Jordan), Erik McCormack, Bruce Cockburn, David Usher, Molly Johnson, John Roberts, Eagle and Hawk, Andrea Martin, The Trews, MIR, Kevin Parent, Dr. David Suzuki, John McDermott and Alex Trebek.


On the morning of Dec. 26, 2004 two tectonic plates located near the Indonesian island of Sumatra heaved, causing a magnitude 9 earthquake.
It was the most powerful earthquake in 40 years, and caused one of the world’s worst natural disasters. A huge series of waves called a tsunami fanned out across the Indian Ocean, slamming into the coasts of Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and Somalia.

Canada For Asia (CBC Benefit Concert)