The town of Grand Falls-Windsor is banking that a classic rock spin will be sufficient to make this year’s Exploits Valley Salmon Festival concert a hit.

The town officially announced this morning that joining headliner John Fogerty will be Tom Cochrane with Red Rider, Collective Soul and America.

Breaking from the classic rock theme, Newfoundland’s own The Fables will also be featured.

“We are offering something to a population that works very hard all year long and when they’re looking for something to do in their down time, we’re offering something for them,” Festival Committee Chairman Darren Finn told the Advertiser this morning.

The town chased a classic rock lineup on purpose.

“We’ve always had that high degree of interest from the public,” he continued “Previous ticket sales for classic rock events have all been success and we expect we’d have the same result this year.”

Prices for this year’s concert will be down from previous concerts (early bird $99.75; VIP $159.95 and general admission $119.95) “That’s a little less maybe than other concerts going on in Newfoundland,” said Finn noting the pricing was “not strategic.  “We were able to pull our lineup together at a cost that allowed us to sell tickets at that price point.”

With the relative poor performance of the last two concerts, locals have expressed concern over council’s management of the logistics for the landmark regional event.

“We are using a promoter (Meryl Stewart) and he’s working with agencies and the artists to secure all the bands on our behalf and he’s a private investors in the show,” Finn explained.

“We continued to use him because purchasing this level of entertainment is quite exhausting and it takes a long time to get all the details worked out to a point where you can get any band to agree to play at your venue.”

As to hosting the actual event, a matter that presented some challenges of late, Finn said, “it’s a partnership. The promoter takes the lead on the concert and they run the event on that Saturday.

“But, it requires a ton of support from the town in terms of production and the set up of the field,” he continued. “All of that cannot be done unilaterally with the promoter without the town’s full cooperation.

“We have 30 years experience doing it and some of the staff have been involved for all that time,” the chairman added. “Our committee has confidence that our staff is able to deliver large concerts and small concerts.”

Tickets go on sale April 17 at Needs Convenience stores, online at or by phone 1-844-744-0774.